Social responsibility “STATUS GROUP” - STATUS GROUP

Social responsibility “STATUS GROUP”

Social responsibility “STATUS GROUP”

From the very beginning of its work, the development company “STATUS GROUP” has always focused on society and adheres to the principles of social responsibility, because this is a necessary component of its activities. The company creates in its residential complexes a truly comfortable living environment with all the necessary infrastructure for future residents.

During the construction of its facilities, the company uses environmentally friendly, safe materials and technologies for the environment and humans.

STATUS GROUP projects include complex landscaping and landscaping. Thus, the Company contributes not only to preserving the environment, but also to improving the environmental situation in Kiev. The company builds houses that you want to live in.

STATUS GROUP also pays attention to sponsorship and charitable projects for children, actively participates in the implementation of socially significant projects for the reconstruction, major and current repairs of secondary schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, health centers, and in holding events and holidays for children.