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19 01 2022

Chief Power Engineer


  • Higher electrical education;
  • Availability of safety permits for the construction of a multi-storey residential complex;
  • Knowledge of the equipment of switchboard transformer substations; internal breeding of multi-storey residential buildings, safety and labor protection rules;
  • Ability to read blueprints;
  • Experience working with electricity suppliers;
  • Stress resistance, focus on results, high performance.


  • Organization of electrical work in multi-storey residential complexes;
  • Planning of all electrical work and scheduling of work;
  • Control of electrical work on the construction site according to the project;
  • Control of the use of temporary and permanent electricity;
  • Launch of temporary and permanent power grids;
  • Work with the operation of existing premises and installations;
  • Drawing up and control of schedules of design works;
  • Organization and search for contractors; brigades for electrical work;
  • Conducting training for employees;
  • Safety control;
  • Work with drawings, project documentation;
  • Working with designers, design organizations, organizing and holding workshops.


  • Official employment,
  • Paid holiday,
  • Working hours Mon.-Fri. (9.00-18.00)


  • phone: 099-148-79-19, Natalia
  • mail:
19 01 2022

Chief Accountant


  • Education: higher specialized.
  • Experience as a chief accountant in a construction company from 5 years.
  • Personal qualities: stress resistance; high efficiency, focus on results.


  • Responsibility for ensuring control of the following tasks:
  • Division of responsibilities between employees of the accounting department;
  • Planning the submission of accounting and tax reports;
  • Conducting an audit;
  • Cooperation with audit;
  • Accounting for the accumulation of health and goods;
  • Participate in conducting inventory work at the enterprise, preparation of materials related to shortages and compensation for losses from shortages, theft and damage to assets of the enterprise;
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting;
  • Optimization of the accounting department;
  • Reporting to management for every 2 weeks of work;
  • Participation and conducting meetings;
  • Work planning;
  • Division of responsibilities between employees of the accounting department;
  • Within its competence to sign and endorse documents (endorsement of contracts for the supply of construction materials and Acts of acceptance and transfer of work performed, etc.);
  • Signature on payment certificates.


  • Official employment, decent wages, paid annual leave;
  • Nice team.


  • phone: 099-148-79-19, Natalia
  • mail:

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