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Residential complex Riviera 1

Residential complex Riviera 1

Residential complex Riviera 1

This is the complex that embodies the formula of European housing:

  • comfortable apartment in a low-rise building;
  • spacious and safe house territory without access to car parking, so you can be calm for your children.

The complex is located on the Gulf of Dnepr.

The green area of ​​the local area LCD “Riviera” has its own embankment for recreation and walks by the reservoir with a sports and children’s playground. Residential complex “Riviera” consists of two phases of construction, where most of the apartments are focused on the picturesque views of the Dnieper. Various planning solutions – from cozy one-room to spacious three-room apartments provide the buyer with a wide choice.

Ground parking is located near the house for the comfort of residents. On the lower floors of the complex there are social infrastructure facilities and a kindergarten.

To create a house that meets modern requirements of reliability and safety, to make it beautiful and comfortable – this is the task that STATUS GROUP has set itself. The architecture of the residential complex “Riviera” is sustained in modern European trends. The embankment fits well into the landscape of the park area and successfully emphasizes the architecture of the complex.


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