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Club-type residential complex “Sky River”

Club-type residential complex “Sky River”

Club-type residential complex “Sky River”

Sky River club-type residential complex: Give yourself a dream!

The development company Status Groups proudly represents the pearl among Kyiv club complexes – the Sky River Complex. It is comfortably situated on the very bank of the Dnieper in a quiet green area of ​​the settlement of Vishenki, just 8 km from the metro station Slavutych – a place where you can find everything you need to live with pleasure and relax in comfort.

The club complex premium Sky River will satisfy the highest demands of the most demanding customer. For your comfort, we have thought through every detail:
– low-rise buildings, only 3-4 floors, only two houses, a landscaped area with a high level of security, swimming pools for adults and children, a jacuzzi, spa, fitness halls – these are the criteria that form the unique atmosphere of this complex. This place will return to its residents a long-forgotten atmosphere of good-neighbourliness, when you know all your neighbours, when they are people of the same status and values ​​in life. And at the same time, this place guarantees the safety of your family and the privacy of your life.

Advantageous location

Imagine a quarter where people wake up from the singing of birds, and not from the noise of cars, they overlook a view of the Dnieper with a picturesque coast and a pier for yachts, a cozy courtyard with a pool and picturesque alleys going down to the embankment. And all this in some 10-15 minutes from the city, which can be reached quickly thanks to a convenient traffic interchange.

Reliable security system

Here, mothers are confident in the safety of children who play in the yard, because the main condition for comfort is safety and privacy. Therefore, a multi-level security system is provided in the Sky River club complex: this is a fenced area with limited access, 24-hour security, a video surveillance system, etc.

Landscaped area

Here everything is buried in verdure, an atmosphere of comfort and good-neighborliness reigns in the courtyards, and children’s playgrounds, gazebos, flower beds, boardwalks on the bank of the Dnieper organically fit into the picturesque landscape. It offers residents their own outdoor playground. A highlight is the outdoor pools in the courtyard, where you can soak up on the sun loungers, and then refresh yourself in the clear water, and relax in the jacuzzi. And what could be better than sitting in a shady gazebo with friends and making a skewer with your own hands? And many other “little joys” will be a pleasant surprise for residents. Having taken care of the inhabitants, we didn’t disregard your “iron horses”: for the safety of cars, parking spaces are provided, with spaces assigned to each apartment. A private pier for your yachts and boats will make walks along the Dnieper a simple and enjoyable pastime.

Perfect architecture

The Sky River Club Complex, built on an individual project, and its bright architecture and unique atmosphere undoubtedly make it one of the best club-type complexes. The use of the latest construction technologies has created not only the unique look of the complex, but also ensures their high reliability and durability.

The technology of monolithic frame construction, rarely used in low-rise construction, allows for free planning of indoor space, and a ventilated facade allows houses to work like a thermos, keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. Here everyone will find housing to his own taste: your ideas about ideal housing are easily embodied in the open-plan apartments, and such highlight of the apartments as terraces, stained glass will help their realization.

Property class: premium class club complex

Location: Kiev, 10 minutes from metro Slavutych

Apartment price: by individual agreement

Property condition: built, commissioned

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